What’s happening on Naxos



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The island of Gods

Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades and among the most famous destinations for travelers summer vacations, due to the endless beaches and the delicious local cuisine. However Naxos is not just that. There are hundreds of kilometers of paths, dirt and paved roads that lead to places that only few of the visitors dare to explore. And what’s the best way to do that?An agile motorbike can get you efficiently and almost effortlessly to the most amazing places of the island. Soon as you get to some of these magical spots, you shall definitely realize why Naxos has always been believed to be the Island of Gods. The island that Zeus was raised, Dionysus lived and got married with Ariadne and many others, like Apollo, Hera and Demetra were worshipped with amazingly glorious monuments!Join us to the Naxos Adventure Rally and live an unprecedented experience exploring the Island of Gods!

The landscape

Naxos Adventure Rally Riders will be guided through a big variety of landscapes, some more challenging than others. Desert-like sand dunes, soft dirt roads through cedars, hard core rocky sections and twisty paved roads will be the tasty stuff you’re about to experience! We visit mountains from which you can see half the Aegean islands, rivers, iconic and unique locations of the island and of course some of the most peaceful and wonderful beaches for a swim!

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