About Rally

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What is included 

  • Brief Adventure Riding Skills Coaching with our special guests!
  • 2 Days, almost 250km of Adventure Riding for the off-road bikers
  • 2 Days, at least 200km of twisty paved roads for street bikers
  • Lead Riders, Course Markers & GPS Files
  • Tire Support Assistance
  • Medic & Tech Support
  • Backup Vehicle & Sweep Support
  • Naxos Adventure Rally Goodie Bag
  • T-shirts, Stickers & More
  • Event party

Naxos Adventure Rally Support 

  • Tech support. Mechanics available to assist with any issues that should arise and one could not fix themselves.
  • Tire support. Available for Riders who needed  assistance with any tire issues
  • Medic support.Medic Support Staff member on the Rally


Friday latest Arrival at Naxos

  • 20:00 Introduction to the event and the Guests


  • 8:30 Riders grouping and briefing
  • 9:30 Set for the first Adventure Route
  • 19:00 Return to base
  • 21:00 Cocktail Party


  • 9:00 Set for the second Adventure Route,
  • 19:30 Return to base
  • 21:00 Naxos Adventure Rally Party Event


10:00 Bonus Relaxation Ride – Riders make their way back home

You must have with you

  • Motorcycle Drivers license (European or International)
  • Helmet
  • Complete safety equipment and protection gear

Your motorcycle should have

  • Road registration
  • Comprehensive motorcycle insurance
  • Knobby tires in a decent condition or street oriented tires for the paved-only rides
  • Minimum 150km Fuel Range
  • Decent general condition of your motorcycle